Prescription Hugs presents...

The Beats of St. Valentine

Feat. DJ Joey Coolstyles & DJ E-Mood

Saturday, February 17th
10:00pm - 4:00am
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The Saturday after Valentine's Day is finally being given its own Black Friday-esque holiday! DJ E-Mood and DJ Joey Coolstyles are calling it The Beats of Saint Valentine

TBoSV is nothing like those OTHER Valentine's Day parties. (Unless the other parties have breathtaking music as well as the best dancers the world has ever seen, in which case it would very much be like those other parties).

Things to expect:

  • Free PALentines attached to delectable candy
  • Mindblowing prismatic dancefloor aesthetic
  • A full 6 hours of pure supersonic magic (results may vary) slight possibility you will experience the tier above pure supersonic magic

In addition to this can you even news, DJ Joey Coolstyles and DJ E-Mood are announcing their new venture together: PRESCRIPTION HUGS. Do you spend an ungodly amount of time crying after you've only been reading the news for a mere 5 minutes? Has sheet caking become your new hobby? Does the weight of reality punch you in the face when you open your eyes from your slumber? If you answered yes to all or none of these questions, PRESCRIPTION HUGS ARE FOR YOU! We realize there is a lack of compassion in the world and we'd like to fix this issue with music that will wrap its arms around your body and fill your insides with the best vibes our prescribed hugs will allow. We're here to make you feel better about existence so come get an #EndorphinDose and be a part of our #PrescribeTribe.

Join our DJs as they spin, dance, and yell their heartbreak away during The Beats of Saint Valentine coming to a Saturday after Valentine's near you!